Les Ciels

Ciel 1 - silent videoprojection, 12'47, 2004
Ciel 2 - silent videoprojection, 46'17, 2004

ciel 3 - silent videoprojection, 40', 2004 video ciel3

Ciel 5 - silent videoprojection, 30', 2004 video ciel5

Les Ciels, video series, 2004

Les Ciels is a progressive series of monochromes, zooming in on a part of the azure through long sequence shots.

Not unlike early XIXth century German Romanticism, the observer finds himself in the position of the monk looking at the sea

(The monk by the Sea by Caspar David Friedrich) where the figure denotes the scale of infinite vastness.

The romantic concept of the Sublime seems to reappear through silent, quasi-religious motionlessness born from the impression of boundless space.