Inside the studio

L'armoire, 2017

Video 5'57, installation, 2017.

A big stone crashes down onto the piece of furniture. The wardrobe is left in pieces.

Chandelier, Aug 2013

Time lapse video by Santayan Sengupta, installation Aurore Scotet, Lamastre, France, 2:13 min, Aug 2013

black horse, 2012

animated film 2'19, production: Atelier Graphoui, Brussels. A black horse gallops, stops and disintegrates into atoms that come down to the ground like a pile of soot

working on black horse, 2012

video 3'36, black sand, Atelier Graphoui, Brussels

action 5 or the throw of Jim's confetti", 2011

video 0'56, studio Brussels.

nuage noir, 1999

video 1'56, action. European School of Art, Brest